Google Alert – What is a DNS Leak (and Why Should I Care?) (Data Leaks)

For VPN users, especially those who are interested in maintaining their privacy first and foremost, DNS leaks are no joke. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this security flaw, and this puts their privacy and data security in danger. Before we get into how DNS leaks happen, let’s put things into context and see what

Google Alert – AMD issues statement on December GPU leaks (Data Leaks)

Leaks happen all the time and we rarely know exactly how this information gets out unless legal action is taken. Today, AMD has issued a statement from a leak that occurred back in December 2019, confirming that test files related to some current and future graphics products were somehow taken and posted online. AMD’s statement

Google Alert – The AWS bucket list: Keep your cloud secure (Data Leaks)

Back in February, cloud security specialists DivvyCloud released their 2020 cloud misconfigurations report, which highlighted that misconfigured cloud installations had cost organisations $5tn (approximately £4tn) over the past two years. During that time, over 33 billion records were exposed; an increase of 80% from previous years. These included the Adobe breach in October 2019, as

Google Alert – Proposal seeks tighter controls on ‘conclave’ attendees (Data Leaks)

LEAKS: The proposal’s scope should be expanded, as it is too personal, a lawmaker said, while another said safeguards are needed to protect sensitive information By Huang Hsin-po, Chen Yun and Wu Su-wei / Staff reporters Three Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislators on Friday proposed amending the Legislators’ Conduct Act (立法委員行為法) to require lawmakers who

Google Alert – A British Security Company Leaks Five Billion Records Online (Data Leaks)

A UK security firm has exposed 5.5 billion records online via an unprotected database. The data concern known and previously disclosed leaks that were used for security purposes. This incident still could have given actors the opportunity to steal “cleaned” and organized dumps. Researcher Bob Diachenko has found yet another unprotected Elasticsearch instance online, containing

Google Alert – Fintech company Finastra announces mysterious security breach (Data Leaks)

Image: Adam Nowakowski, Finastra, ZDNet Finastra, a London-based company that provides financial software and adjacent services to the world’s banking sector, has disclosed a security breach today. In a statement posted on its website, the fintech giant described the incident as “potentially anomalous activity” on its systems. “Out of an abundance of caution, we immediately