Google Alert – TunnelBear Completes Its Third Independent Audit (Data Leaks)

TunnelBear has once again proven its dedication toward building a transparent relationship with its users. Inspected by Cure53, this recent audit took 37 days to complete, while checking the VPN’s code, infrastructure, and more.  TunnelBear comes without any issues that could jeopardize your privacy and it’s still one of the most trustworthy VPNs. During the

Google Alert – Researchers unveil new attack on Intel chips (Data Leaks)

Intel is facing yet another speculative execution attack, and this one can bypass previous fixes for past threats such as Meltdown, Spectre and ZombieLoad. The attack, dubbed ‘CacheOut,’ leaks data from an assortment of Intel processors that were released before the fourth quarter of 2018. Previous speculative execution threats, which Intel refers to as microarchitectural

Google Alert – Ring app is handing over user data to Facebook, Google and other third-parties, report finds (Data Leaks)

Amazon’s Ring is under fire yet again. Security experts discovered that the Android app is sending customers’ personally identifiable information to Facebook, Google and other third-parties without permission. The names, private IP addresses, mobile network carriers, persistent identifiers and sensor data were discovered in the exchange. The report also found that some Ring users whose identify

Google Alert – Ring Allows Undisclosed Third Parties to Track You Through Its Android App (Data Leaks)

Amazon Ring’s Android app has been found to allow third-party trackers access to your data like your name, IP address, mobile network carrier, and more.  The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) published a report on Monday, January 27, about an investigation into Ring’s Android app. The investigation found analytics and marketing companies not mentioned in Ring’s

Google Alert – OODA Loop – FBI Releases Alert on Iranian Hackers’ Defacement Techniques (Data Leaks)

A flash security alert was issued by the FBI’s Cyber Division earlier this month, including an indication of compromise from recent defacement attacks perpetrated by Iranian threat actors. The Cybersecurity and Information Security Agency (CISA) also published an alert on the same day to provide information on safeguarding websites from malicious attacks that could lead

Google Alert – Hackers Can Hijack Electric Scooters to Spy on Users (Data Leaks)

The popularity of electric scooters keeps increasing, and so is the interest hackers show for this new means of transportation, as cybercriminals groups see micromobility vehicles as potential targets for obtaining users’ personal data. Research conducted by UTSA highlights the cybersecurity risks of electric scooters, as malicious actors can hijack them for a wide variety

Google Alert – 5 Cyber Security Predictions for 2020 (Data Leaks)

One in every 5 people has experienced a ransomware attack on their personal and/or work device. Once you’ve landed on some malware content, it’s only a matter of time till you reap the consequences. Forbes claims that 83% of organizational workload will shift to the cloud by 2020. 2019 was a year of major technical

Google Alert – New ‘CacheOut’ attack leaks data from CPUs, VMs and hardware enclaves – Hardware – Security (Data Leaks)

Researchers at the universities of Adelaide and Michigan have come up with a new Spectre-style speculative execution attack against Intel processors that can be used to intercept data across several hardware security boundaries. Named CacheOut, the flaw is found in a large number of Intel processors released up until the fourth quarter of 2018. Several

Google Alert – The odd case of Envestnet/Yodlee getting singled out as data scofflaw, just four days after Visa deal to buy rival Plaid and nine months after Raj Udeshi’s ‘Theranos’ outcry (Data Leaks)

The three Capitol Hill Democrats urged the Federal Trade Commission to probe the small firm — and nobody else — with little explanation of where its practices allegedly diverge from the norm Envestnet’s rise to become the nation’s largest consumer financial data aggregator has pushed it to the front lines in a growing war over

Google Alert – Cybersecurity steps proposed ahead of Olympics (Data Leaks)

A group of experts are urging the Japanese government to take steps to ensure cybersecurity ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. The experts for the communications ministry compiled an emergency proposal in a meeting on Monday, amid concerns over a surge in cyberattacks targeting the country during the Games. They called on the

Google Alert – Luanda Leaks hacker Rui Pinto handed over Isabel dos Santos data disks | (Data Leaks)

Portuguese hacker Rui Pinto’s lawyers said on Monday that their client delivered a hard drive in 2018 containing data related to the recent revelations about Isabel Dos Santos’ fortune to the Platform for the Protection of Whistleblowers in Africa (PPLAAF). “The undersigned lawyers declare that their client, Mr. Rui Pinto, assumes responsibility for having delivered,

Google Alert – Modern Data Privacy: Browser Crypto Wallets & Client-Side Encryption (Data Leaks)

Data privacy illustration. Facebook Crypto wallets have become a user-desired browser feature but at the moment of writing, only Brave and Opera have jumped into the bandwagon. Aside from transfers of cryptocurrency, these wallets have other, not-so-well-known features. For example, passwordless logins is an interesting topic, but we will cover that in another article. Here,